Koh Rong Island Information

essential information

Travel to the island is either by Speed Ferry or Slow Boat. Be aware there are 2 islands - Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. Don't get off on the wrong island!
You can spend either local Riel or US$.
There are no cash machines on the island.
There is running water, electricity and Wi Fi.
There is no hospital, usually no doctor and 1 pharmacy that is sometimes closed.
Drink bottled water.
There are no real roads, transport is by taxi boat, motorbike or walking.

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You can spend either local riel or US$ dollars or a combination of both. 1$ = 4000 riels at time of writing. You may get your change in either or both. There are no cash machines on the island. Some places take bank cards but not all. Best not to bring too many $100 bills as most places will not have change especially in the mornings.

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getting to the island

From the mainland, in Sihanoukville this is fairly easy, with a number of ferry companies running scheduled services to and from Koh Rong Island. The most popular is Speedferry Cambodia which arrives next to our dive center. At time of writing a slow boat costs $5 each way and a Speed Ferry $12 each way. Make sure you know which area and which island you want. Some ferries stop on another island (Koh Rong Samloem) and other areas on Koh Rong. People often get off at the wrong place or even wrong island.

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health and safety

The island is generally pretty safe but just like anywhere with multiple cultures, many nationalities passing through and isolated areas - use your common sense.
Drink only bottled water and use ice from same source. Use your common sense with food and how it is prepared.
Medical facilities are limited so bring any essentials with you.

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where to stay

Generally speaking you can always find somewhere to stay. Most bars and restaurants offer accommodation and the main types are dorms - about $5, rooms - from $10 and bungalows - from $20. Prices go up in the high season and availability goes down. Definitely better to book in advanmce for high season. Check you location before you come and how you will travel to and from there.

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There are no real roads, so again, check where you are staying, any places you want to go to and how you will get there and back. Main options are walking, motorbike, taxi boat and ferry service 'island hopping'. Check and compare prices.

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food and drink

You eat and drink at so many places! Eastern, western, pizza, bbq, local, tex-mex, turkish, italian, english, vegetarian, fresh fruit. Eat in a bar, on the beach or even ask for a take-away.
There is not a lot of produce for sale or facilities for cooking yourself, so you will mostly be eating out or grabbing a take away.
Bars serve most drinks, beer, wine, soft drinks and mixers, spirits both local and branded.
There are a number of mini-marts where you can pick up bottled water, snacks, soft drinks and alcohol.

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things to do

Obviously, being on an island, most activities are water based. Apart from sitting in a bar sunbathing and swimming your main options are:-
• Diving - either for qualified divers, do a course or simply try diving for the first time
• Boat trip with snorkeling / swimming
• High Point rope park - 500m course, 130m Zip Line, all day pass
• Walk and explore
• Jet ski

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about Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong island lies about 20km off the coast of Cambodia and has 3 neighbouring easily accessible islands. There are four village communities on Koh Rong: Koh Touch (south-east), Prek Svay (north-east), Daem Thkov (Sangkat village) (east), and Sok San (west). The busiest and most popular being Koh Touch.